Back in hospital


Yesterday was an awful day for both Sal and myself. She spent the whole day almost doubled over in pain from the reaction to ciprofloxicin. She couldn't keep anything down and even water triggered an desperate dash to the loo!
Needless to say, I was on the lookout for her temperature. She was in day 6 of chemo, just when her white counts are at their lowest, so she is at great risk of dangerous infection so I was taking her temperature regularly. I noticed that it was higher later in the day and at 9pm it went over 38. Oh dear! I left it half an hour and changed the thermometer (in case it was faulty – well you never know!) but it was still over 38. Nothing to do but call the hospital.
As expected, they said bring her in. So admid Sal protestations of "Not again", off we went.
Blood count showed NO WHITE CELLS AT ALL! So t is on IV antibiotics for a while. Don't know how long yet but at least a couple of days. The good news though is that because she is so susceptible to infection she has a private room – luxury!
For me… well my headache is this there. I will medicate this morning but it didn't go yesterday so we'll see. It is unpleasantly quiet in the house on my own. Still, she is keeping me busy even from her hospital bed with things to do and get for he to take in later. It is a good thing I am self-employed and work from home. I can't imagine how people cope with this and hold down a 9-5 job.
So, off to the hospital to visit this afternoon. Can't wait.


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