Temps and BP Going Up


Well Sal is now on IV Tazocin, an industrial strength antibiotic as her neutrophil count is 0.0! Her temp is still high and BP now high too. 
The oncologist is surprise that her count is so low. It doesn't normally go to zero and it is 2-3 days earlier than normal too. He is talking about lowering the doxorubicin dose next time… or even dropping it altogether. Apparently, there are some trials in the USA that suggest that the outcomes of TAC vs TC are similar making the A (Adriamycin or doxorubicin) possibly unnecessary. I am sure we will talk about this again.
In the meantime, Sal is on "close watch" and I hope that the Tazocin keeps those nasty infections at bay until her counts come up… could be several days yet.


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