Acid Reflux


Will it ever end? Sal had a bad day again today with severe acid reflux. Doubled up again. She had told the doc and nurses that she is prone to acid reflux and has a regular prescription of Lansoprazole but they forgot to put it on her drugs sheet and the nurses can't give a drug if it is not on the sheet and it needs a doctor signature to go on the sheet. The upshot was that Sal never got any last night or this morning and this was the result. This afternoon the nurse gave her some regardless and that combined with a glass of milk it calmed it down somewhat.
It seems as soon as one thing is resolved then something else crops up. I don't know how we will cope with this kind of onslaught, particularly Sal. She seems to be in constant pain with things that aren't the cancer or chemo… it has always been something rather peripheral. Very annoying, frustrating and EXHAUSTING!
I hope to visit her this evening but she was asleep most of the afternoon so she may not want me around if she feels rough. I hope she doesn't watch the debate on TV this evening – might make her feel worse!!!


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