Cannula has failed

Now her cannula has failed and Sal cannot face them trying to get another in. She is in SO much pain when they try and it is REALLY wearing her down.

After a lot of shouting (well, virtual shouting, I didn't actually raise my voice!) they have agreed to install a Hickman on Tuesday. In the meantime she needs the meds and so they are going to put a cannula into her right arm… the side of the ANC. The oncologist said there is a risk but when needs must.
So, she has to last 3 days with this cannula. Do I think it will last that long? Well no. None of the cannulas to date have lasted more than 1 or 2 days and to be fair, they aren't meant to. 72 hours is the recommended time according to her blood nurse (can't spell flabottomist!!!).
We'll see.


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