Neutropenic Septic


Sal is now neutropenic septic… no neutrophis with infection. Her temperature is up so they have put her on barrier nursing. Everyone visiting have to wear gown and mask. Coupled to that she can't keep anything down, not even water at the moment. She enjoyed sucking crushed ice for a while but they stopped that as she might cut her mouth.
So things are not improving. She had a bad night with vomiting and the runs and then her cannula failed. She has bad veins at the best of times and the nurse had a few goes, then the doc had a few goes, then finally an anesthetist had a go and got a couple in… one spare! She is going to insist on a Hickman line as soon as they are happy to install one. I thought that might happen eventually.
Hopefully my next post will bring better news but it is all happening so fast at the moment… sorry to bombard you with stuff but I am using this blog to keep friends and family informed of the current state of play.


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