Not a lot of change really

Sal has had a bit of a mixed day. She started the day good but then had more vomiting so they have switched the antibiotic again… to Gentamicin.

She also in back on the Odansetron to help with the sickness. This worked but not 100% so they have given her a subcutaneous infusion over 24 hours of Metoclopramide. It is an anti-sickness med often used for chemo nausea. This is working well at the moment.
The upshot of all this is hat she didn't really want me visiting today so we just texted. If the anti-sickness works over night then I have some low fat energy bars that she fancies. They do look good so we will see.
Still no results yet from the blood taken last night.
So, she is enjoying the snooker on TV at the moment and I hope she gets as good a night sleep as last night. I think she needs it… as do I!


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