Feeling better

This morning Sal is feeling good. She slept well and the nausea is under control. She might even face a slice of dry toast for breakfast!
Here temperature is down too. During the night she hit a 36.something for the first time in a week. This mornings was 37.2 so again, normalish. However, we need to be cautious here. The paracetamol she is taking is good at lowering temperature but the underlying infection could still remain. We will know more once she stops the paracetamol. Still, it is very good news nonetheless.
I am visiting this afternoon taking along essential supplies. I am looking forward to that but not half as much as Sal is probably.
They have to take some blood from her today for testing. I hope they can find somewhere that doesn't cause Sal distress. It looks like she is on the mend now and another half hour of excruciating pain from them poking around trying to find a vein that works is the vary last thing she needs right now.

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