What a difference!

Sal is becoming Sal again!
The great news is that her blood count of sample taken night before last are neutrophils 3 and white 5. These are normal figures so she is back to fighting strength… well, on the way, and she has an immune system again!
The cannula failed in her R hand but her bloods were so good that they removed the cannula and she has now been switched to oral Amoxicillin. So not more IV. She still has the the anti-sick meds of the subcutaneous injection of and oral Ondansetron but the way the sandwich is going down I wouldn't be surprised if that is stopped soon too.
So now she is definitely on the mend the next task is the fitting of the Hickman Line on Tuesday. I hope she gains a bit of strength first though as although Sal is much better she is still physically very weak. She needs a bit of boosting up that is for sure.
Great news though.
My task now then is to deep clean every room in our house. We generally keep the house quite clean but I am going to go at it like it has never been done before tomorrow. It will take all day so not visiting Sal until the evening.


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