Wants to eat more but doesn't fancy anything on offer

We have both had a good day today.
I managed to clean half the house. Then I went to the hospital and Sal and I watched the snooker together all afternoon. The first time we have done anything together since she went in.
The even better news is that she is now no longer being barrier nursed. So no more gloves and plastic pinny. Notonly that but they took a blood sample this afternoon. Sal was dreading it. The nurse was just super… no pain at all and got it first time. Hopefully that will be the last time she needs a needle stuck in to her to give a blood sample if they manage to fit the Hickman Line tomorrow.
For those that don't know what a Hickman Line is… it is a more permanent alternative to having a cannula or needle inserted into a vein to get blood or to administer drugs. It will be particularly useful to Sal as her veins are very difficult to access with needles. There are risks to having a Hickman Line and careful maintenence is required but it could mean no more needles for Sal for the rest of her treatment.
As Sal is now improving I shall do just one report each day. Tomorrow should be a busy day for us both as I have the rest of the house to clean and Sal is having the Hickman line fitted – I hope.
More tomorrow evening then.

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