Sally is HOME!

Sal has a bit of bad news first thing… her Hickman line cannot be fitted until Friday. However, the doc said that providing Sal's potassium levels were OK she could go home and return on Friday as an outpatient. YIPPEE!
Sal had blood taken this morning again Aaaarrrgh! Not again! She was dreading it. However, the doctor that came to take her blood had a cunning plan. She rubbed an anaesthetic cream on her arm and went away for an hour. When she returned she got the blood without any discomfort at all! This actually made both Sal and me very angry! The pain she was put through quite unnecessarily it seems… need we say more.
I got a call at 4pm to say bloods were ok and that she would be ready by 6pm once her prescribed drugs had arrived. By 6:15pm we had escaped!
This evening I cooked Sal a proper omelette with ham which she loved.
So, here ends the first of Sal's hospitalisation. Will it be the last? Who knows, but we now have a much better idea of of what to expect and what to look out for. Sal has had a very unpleasant, exhausting and at times, painful, time in hospital. However, she is still alive in spite of having a completely zero neutrophil and white cell count for several days! A testament to modern drugs, the hospital and its staff, to whom we are both truly grateful.
Just 9 days then to chemo cycle 2… So time to cut back even more on the blog posts I think. I will post when something interesting or important happens but I will try to keep the "Latest News" section updated daily whenever possible.

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