Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Last night Sal noticed, for the first time, that her hair was coming out. Not in huge clumps yet but definitely coming out whenever she ran her fingers through it. So, it has to come off.
So, I got outthe clippers and put on the number 3. I have to say that Sal might have been prepared for cutting her hair off before it fell out but I found that I wasn't quite so prepared. I had reservations immediately prior to starting to clip. What if her hair doesn't fall out? We would be cutting it for no reason. I have to remind myself several times while cutting that we have checked with many people… with TAC it is very unlikely that she will keep her hair.
So I clipped away.
I must say though, that once we had finished, it looks pretty good. For now she has left the strands in front of her ears so they show from under a scarf… very effective.
So, she has a wig fitting this afternoon… should be fun!


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