NHS Woes it seems

I have got to the bottom of why and how there was a mix up over the day Sal was to have her Hickman Line fitted…
At Derriford they prefer to use PICC lines and they are the normal fitting for people that need a central line. However, because of Sal's particularly difficult veins she needed a Hickman line. When the appointment was made it was assumed she needed a PICC line and so was put onto the PICC line list for Friday. However, unbeknown to her, she was also put on to the Hickman line list for Thursday.
A simple mistake but one that caused us quite a bit of anxiety.
Anyway, water under the bridge and in the end, no harm done and Sal has her Hickman fitted. So, the lesson is check and double check and cross check all NHS appointments. You live and learn. C'est la vie!


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