Infected Operation Incision

When in hospital last week her mastectomy incision opened up a little. The nurses thought nothing of it and just put a dressing on it. Since then it has opened up further and become infected. I changed the dressing this morning but by this evening it was dischaging and had become rather smelly! Sal has her second chemo Thursday so I thought it better that we get it checked out immediately and so we took a trip to the district hospital and the Minor Injuries Centre for them to have a look and to replace the dressing.
It is a good job we did go and get it checked out. It is infected but not seriously so the doc gave her some more (yet more!) antibiotics for the staph' infection and the nurse cleaned it up and replaced the dressing.
So, another trip to the surgery tomorrow and let's hope that we have caught it in time so that her 2nd chemo isn't delayed.


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