Chemo 2 Done – All OK

Sal's chemo 2 went quite well today although the Hickman line played up a bit. It seems to work only when she is in a certain position. Coughing, moving arms, breathing heavily etc didn't really work but if she sat upright and wiggled her legs then it worked well! As has been suggested in some of the comments, the line did allow blood to be drawn today. It looks like we have to be thankful when it works and accepting of the situation when it doesn't.
Sal is feeling quite tired today and has a flushed face (no temperature) but no other effects at the moment.
I had confirmation today that no one will be available to care for Sal's line locally… they are not able to get any training done at short notice. So it is a visit to hospital twice a week until I get trained up. It isn't a show stopper but it does mean that Sal must be well enough to travel twice a week and that might be difficult at times. I will report more on this when I get trained up.
Sal had just Taxotare and cyclophosphamide today. They have dropped the Adriamycin to help prevent her severe neutropenia reoccuring. They have also dropped all antibiotics on days 5-9 so she will have to be even more careful not to get an infection. Mind you, her blood counts are currently superb and much better than at the start of chemo 1.
This is a good start today to chemo 2.


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