Neulasta Injection

Chemotherapy works by killing fast growing cells in the body (cancer cells are fast growing). Normal cells then grow back after chemo whereas cancer cells don't. White blood cells are fast growing and they don't live long in the body so during chemo treatment chemo kills off the white cells. Neulasta (pegfilgrastim) is a white cell booster reducing the time that the body is left with a low white cell count and so reducing the chances of acquiring an infection.
Neulasta is administered as a single subcutaneous injection given 24 hours after chemo. For chemo 1 the district nurse visited us at home but this time I did it! It is the first time I have given anyone an injection (even myself) and it was a little unnerving. However, now I have done it once it will a non-event for the next cycles. There are the basic rules to keep it all aseptic, to clear the syringe of air and to ensure that the injection is not going into a blood vessel. Simples!


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