More Acid Reflux

Well I haven't done a post for quite a few days now so I thought I would write a quick update of how last week went.
All in all it hasn't been a bad week. Sal still has part of her surgery wound that hasn't healed yet and that is the main issue right now. The surgery wound healed but when she was in hospital last cycle a 1 inch section of it came apart and got slightly infected. It hasn't really healed much since then. No one at the hospital seems concerned about it though. They have looked at it and decided that it would be better off without a dressing and it has formed a bit of a scab but it still is an open section of the wound and just doesn't improve much. They have given her high-dose oral antibiotics (flucloxacillin 1g QDS) to get rid of the infection but this is causing Sal considerable discomfort because it gives her acid reflux. In fact, last night she didn't sleep much at all and had to prop herself up with pillows all night. Also, she is having to take her ant-sickness drug all the time too as the antibiotic gives her nausea. We will mention all this at the Oncology Clinic tomorrow when we go to get her line flushed. I am hoping that after tomorrow I can flush it for her… fingers crossed.
So, apart from that the week has been a good one. Sal felt so good that we went to the supermarket and did our first food shopping together for nearly 5 weeks! Luxury! From my perspective this is a huge relief. Not only that Sal clearly recovers to some extent between cycles but also that for a week at least it looks like I might not have to do absolutely everything myself. f course, I shall make sure she doesn't over do it, but sometimes it is the little things that take off the strain… like making a cuppa or getting her drugs ready to take. It all sounds rather silly and perhaps a little petty to be concerned over little things like making a cuppa. It only takes a few minutes and is no effort. Yet, after 5 weeks of getting up from my chair to get or do everything that either Sal or I wanted, to have a cuppa made for me is a shear luxury! I don't begrudge doing this for Sal. In fact I would do anything, for as long as possible, to make Sal's treatment more bearable, but when you are used to sharing all the chores, to do them all oneself becomes very hard work. How my mum managed brining 4 of us up pretty much on her own (my dad didn't do much except work to bring in the money) I have no idea. I now have a new respect for single parents too!!!
Next week Sal has a few things booked. Tomorrow (Monday) she is at the hospital for a few things… having her Hickman line flushed, she also has an appointment with her neurology consultant about her progress with her migraines, and she has a fitting appointment for a prosthesis until she decides on whether to have a reconstruction. On Wednesday she has a "Mini Makeover" at The Mustard Tree Centre at the hospital. This is to help with makeup and other issues surrounding hair loss on head, eyebrows etc. She is looking forward very much to that. Thursday is another Line flush but I may be able to do that myself at home. Friday is her regular progress meeting with her oncologist.
Lots going on this week then. More next weekend unless something happens before. I am updating the "Latest News" section on the right of the page every day so if you just want a quick update then that is the place to go.
I hope you all have a great week this week with all this hot sunshine (assuming you have it as we do today!)…


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