Cycle 2 Review

We went to the hospital yesterday for a review of Sal's progress with the oncology team yesterday.
It all went pretty much as we expected. The last cycle they dropped the Adriamycin (doxorubicin) and they plan to continue the rest of the cycles with just TC (Taxotare and cyclophosphamide).
The surgery wound is finally showing signs of healing and the Hickman line is all OK.
Sal is to continue to take Metoclopramide when ever she feels nausea and they have dropped the need for her to take any antibiotics at days 5-9. They are keeping the Neulasta injection the day after chemo because she ent particularly low on her counts on cycle 1. In fact, she went low on all counts… white cells, neutrophils, platelets and red cells! Something that is very rare and it is a good job she was in hospital for that period as she was quite vulnerable at that time.
So, cycle 3 starts next Thursday and it all happens again. Still, the good thing is that this marks the half-way point in terms of treatments. Doesn't time fly by when you are enjoying yourself !!!!!


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