Chemo 3 Day

Chemo 3 went without a hitch this morning. Sal is already feeling the effects; starting to feel tired, funny taste in her mouth.
They did notice that Sal's red count is down so she is anaemic and that might explain her breathlessness and excessive fatigue. So they have scheduled a full blood transfusion of 2 units on Monday. Even that is a bit of an ordeal. Each unit takes 3 hours and so it will turn out to be a long day for her especially when she is going to be already fatigued from the chemo. Coincidently, I gave blood while Sal was getting her chemo so we are taking 2 units and giving one back. Sal won't be getting my blood back as we are different types but it is a wierd feeling to give blood knowing that Sal is benefitting from someone else doing the same thing.
So Monday will be a long day in hospital for Sal.


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