Cycle 4 Starts

The past few days has been quiet on the blog because we managed to get a few days away in the caravan. These days are a great way for us to relax and recharge our batteries ready for the next cycle of fun!
Sal went to the hospital ths morning for her pre-chemo blood test. Her Hickman line wouldn't allow the taking of blood so they had to get it via a vein again. This time they didn't have any problem though and all went well.
So the next cycle has started. It seems to be settling down to a pattern and we are both hoping that the pattern holds this time round. Sal's breathlessness is much better now but not gone completely. The nausea is very much still there but controlled very well by the drugs. We are hoping that Sal won't need any more blood transfusions this time round.
So, onwards and upwards…


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