End of Cycle 4

Again, I haven't posted recently and that is the reflection of things going quite well.
Cycle 4 has been similar to cycle 3 but the symptoms were more severe… more fatigue, more bone ache, more nausea, more muddy mouth taste. Nothing that wasn't manageable but worse than before nonetheless. One thing that was noticable by me was that she had more energy than before after about day 8. This was particularly good as we spent the last week away in the caravan at the British Grandprix at Silverstone. I think she has done a little more than she should have done but she insists it was worth it. The last week was completely free of discussions about cancer and chemo so it was particularly refreshing.
I have continued to flush her Hickman Line every 4-5 days without any issues. I am feeling quite happy that I can flush now safely. Like everyone said… it isn't difficult after proper training.
So, cycle 5 starts Thursday. Just one more after that. I am just hoping that the sysmptoms don't continue to get much worse. They are manageable at the moment but if they get much worse it will start to become less tolerable. Onewards and upwards…


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