Cycle 5 Starts

Chemo 5 went ahead without any hitches. Sal doesn't get much in the way of symptoms during the chemo session but she does get a "moon face" from the steriods.
She is quite well today, just waiting for the chemo fog to kick in in the next day or two. She says it is like having several bags of cement on top of her! Mind you, her appetite for ice cream hasn't deminished! Good job the golf is on TV for the next couple of days.
Sal's symptoms seem to have settled down into a pattern now but she is getting more tired. The nausea seems to last all through the 3 weeks now which it didn't before but the metoclopromide seems to take care of it most of the time. Fatigue, heavy legs, some water retention (face and ankles), occasional mouth sore, some tummy issues… but nothing too bad really.
Interestingly, her pulse is generally quite high throughout the cycle but blood pressure and temperature is normal… a sign of the body working hard to recover I bet.
So we only have one more chemo to go after this one. It is strange… it all seems so long at the start and then the end seems so far away but with all that is going on it is amazing how quickly it all goes. Only 6 more weeks to go then before radiotherapy looms… we are not thinking about that until necessary!!!
Onwards and upwards…


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