Chemo 5 review and Radiotherapy Consultation


We went to the hospital today for the standard review of cycle 5 but also to see the ocologist and radiotheapy planning person to discuss Sal's RT treatment.
This cycle has been OK. More fatigue and nausea but that is to be expected in later cycles. She was given the go-ahead to have cycle 6 – the last cycle!
We talked about her RT treatment. She will have either 3 weeks or 5 weeks of daily treatment (not weekends) depending on whether she might want to consider reconstruction surgery later. If she does then they will give the RT treatment over 5 weeks as that is slightly less aggressive on the surrounding tissues. Sal hasn't yet decided. So in preparation for the RT she had a CT scan today to aid with positioning and had a few small tattoos done for alignment. Just dots… no angels or roses or anything quite so noticeable!!!
We also discussed the removal of her Hickman line which will be a week or two after cycle 6.
Sal was also given a prescription for a tamoxifen alternative Letrozole. This is one tablet daily for 5 years. There are some side effects which include bone thinning so Sal will be scheduled a bone density scan soon to ensure her bones are able to cope.
So, things move on at a rapid pace. It is hard to think back to when Sal's chemo started and we were saying "It is only 6 cycles – it'll fly by" – and it has!


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