Chemo Cycle 6 Starts – The Beginning of the End!

Finally Sal's 6th and final chemo cycle has arrived. She had the treatment this morning and as it has been on all 6 cycles there was no reaction at all during treatment.
She is in bed now though because again, as with the previous cycles, she gets very tired very quickly and this combined with her getting very little sleep last night from the steroids she is completely shattered.
We have agreed that her Hickman line will remain in for at least 4 weeks while she recoveres from this cycle just in case it is needed.
Sal will have a meeting with the oncologist to review chemo as a whole in 2-3weeks time (date to be set).
Radiotherapy will commence in about 4 weks time (date yet to be set).
From my personal point of view I am glad that the end of chemo is now in sight. It will be great to get back to some level of normality in a few weeks when Sal has started to recover. We have coped well but this treatment schedule is difficult regardless of how resiliant and positive you are… eventually it gets to you in one way or another.
I apologise for not reporting as often as in the early days of treatment. We have been spending less and less time thinking about cancer and treatment and more and more time trying to do normal things.This strategy has worked well and allowed us to cope with things without it becoming all-consuming… something we tried to avoid right from the start.
So recovery from cycle 6 then radiotherapy… bring it on!

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