Radiotherapy effects

Well, my wife Sally has now finished here treatment program for the breast cancer she discovered last February. It has taken 6 months and what with the surgery, chemotherapy and more recently radiotherpy, it has been a long haul for us both and just when we think we are getting towards the end the radiothearapy has a sting in its tail.
The effects of radiotherapy are delayed about 2 weeks so although the treatment program finished a week ago the effects are still very much with us.
Sal now has what look like burns over the site. About the size  of a large hand it is raw with all the symptoms you would expect from deep burns (I won't elaborate!). She is in constant pain and is having trouble sleep… or doing anything at all really.
We knew what was likely to happen. The medics explained. But you don't fully take it in when, after the end of chemo, you are in a state of mild euphoria from having made it through the 4 months of chemo symptoms.
The burns will get a little worse yet before starting to heal so we are in for 2 or 3 weeks of medical issues being very much at the forefront of our lives and before we stand any hope of getting back to any sense of normality. We are so close and yet it still seems so far off.  

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