Hair is no more

Well, the hair was getting far too annoying for me and as I have quite greasy hair it was giving me spots on my scalp… it had to go!
Sal was a little disappointed because she was hoping I would leave it long permanently. I was a little disappointed too as it happens. At times I too felt that the longer hai suited me but I could never put up with all that having long hair meant.
So it has gone and I am back to my number 4 with the clippers.
Sal's hair is coming on but very slowly. What hair there is is clearly growing but it is still very thin and it is only really visible if it catches the light. Mostly she still looks completely bald. We know it will be a very slow return but we were hoping for a little ore by now. Still, there is still every chance it will fully return so Sal has a few more months with the scarfs and buffs with the occasional showing of the wig.
What a year this has been.

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