Consolidation and relaunch… Purple Mud!

At various times in the past few years I have run various blogs. Topics varied from going through cancer treatment as a partner, to solar PV installation, to owning electric cars to just anything that I wanted to talk about.

These blogs have come and gone as topics became interesting or wained and eventually it seemed appropriate to remove them.

Well, now I have decided to relaunch my blogging efforts and to combine all my blogs into a sigle one and this is it…

Purple Mud!

Great name don’t you think?

So, as of today, no, as of about NOW, I will be blogging again on these topics and whatever takes my fancy so why not follow in some way (blogger, email, twitter etc) and join in the discussion… I am hoping I won’t be discussing things on my own because that gets very boring very quickly so if you have something to add, or disagree with my opinions, just chime in.

So… here’s mud in yer eye – Purple Mud of course!

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