Good News – That is not a Tumour!

We had some good news today regarding Sally’s cancer…

In case you hadn’t been following… they found a new tumour on the surface of Sally’s lung and as a result she stopped the chemo (Capecitabine ). She was then offered a place on a clinical trial and last week she underwent tests and scans to check her suitability and to set as a baseline for the trial.

Well, the clever gnomes at the hospital have now reviewed her scans and declared that what they are seeing there is not a tumour but an inflammation! Don’t ask me how they can have doubt between the two but apparently they look pretty much the same in a scan.

So this is excellent news! It means that instead of the Capecitabine no longer working it is quite likely that it is still working. Without that tumour Sally is not eligible for the trial but this is good news because it is likely she will just continue on the Capecitabine and hope it continues to work keeping the tumours at bay.

So Sal has an appointment at the normal Oncology clinic on Friday to see the oncologist and determine her continued treatment.

Boy! This cancer malarkey can be a real roller-coaster ride for the emotions.

More after Friday.

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