Things that go BUMP on the head

Sally saw her oncologist on Friday and as expected she has been put back onto the Capecitabine. They have also increased her steroid dose in a hope it might get rid of the bad headaches (not migraines) she has been getting for the past few weeks.

There are a couple of new symptoms which we are now investigating.

She has some small bumps on her head that seem to be very tender. They are similar to the bone tumour she had some time ago however that one disappears with her current treatment. Docs have no clear idea what they are so for now it is being monitored.

She also now has an issue with her eyes. When reading or doing close work she is fine but if she then looks up at something further away her eyes take an age to refocus. Her doctor thought it might be termperal arteritis but investigation at the Royal Eye Infirmary at Derriford suggests that is not the case. So for now a diagnosis is still pending.  However, as a result of seeing the eye specialist Sal has been told she has cataracts and so that is something for the future.

There is a chance these two new symptoms are connected in some way but for now the jury is out.

So back to the now familiar twice a day doses of chemo. Let’s hope that continues to work.

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