Sally has been in hospital

I must apologise for there being no posts recently. Sal has been in hospital since New Year’s Eve and has only just returned home. She spent New Year in bed in pain and I spent it at home worrying that she was OK. Not a happy new year at all.

She has now been diagnosed with a cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (worth a Google… it is very rare) which for anyone who is not a doctor is basically a blood clot in the veins that leads out of the brain. It can cause a whole bunch of nasty symptoms but so far Sal has avoided most of the biggies but it is making her feel dreadful with daily migraines and a general unwell feeling most of the time. To make it worse, she was diagnosed as neutropenic which is low white blood cells making her vulnerable now to infections and she had 1.5 ltrs of fluid drained off her lung. At least that has made her breathing better. Her back pain and sciatica isn’t letting up either so she is not a happy bunny at the moment.

She is at home but we are being careful not to let anyone into the house and I have instigated a house cleaning regimen to keep out the germs.

Treatment for the thrombosis is a daily injection of a blood thinner and the body should dissolve the clot over time but it can take months. Not a happy prospect.

In the meantime Sal is on high amounts of various painkillers to keep her able to function at all.

All this has meant that we have had to cancel our trip of a lifetime to see the Snooker Masters at Alexander Palace in London. We had tickets for every session and a hotel booked for 14 nights… all cancelled. We also have had to cancel our plans to see The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie.

So there you are. A very painful and distressing time for Sal, a worrying time for me and a stressful time for us both.

Hopefully, not that she is at home and has more control over her environment, eating etc, she will recover but it may be slow.

Needless to say, the planned fitting of out new kitchen has been put on hold. Something we were both very excited about. I am sure it will happen once she is well enough to cope with the upheaval but we cannot see when that will be just yet.

More when I have news.

3 thoughts on “Sally has been in hospital”

  1. Like you said, not a great start to 2016 for either of you. I hope Sally improves, and her and yourself can return to some semblance of normality soon.

    Thinking of you both.


  2. Prayers for you both at this time and it’s good to know Sal is home Paul and you are able to face this battle together. I hope it will be a shorter one than you expect and you get to see your play etc in the near future. Love from us both . Lyn & David xxx

  3. So sorry to hear lovely Sally is still suffering ,I do hope things start to improve soon.
    Please give her my love and as Choir Secretary I will pass this on to the ladies of the choir who are asking about her progress .
    We are all missing Sally at choir practise and hope she is soon back with us.
    Lots of love
    Rita xx

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