Sally is back in hospital

First of all… Sally is OK… but I am just back from a bit of a marathon taking Sally to the Emergency Department at Derriford Hospital.

We noticed that her right eye was not scanning in sync with her left and knowing this might be one of the potential indicators for increased cranial pressure we made some calls this morning to see if she could be seen by the neurology specialists today. Have you ever tried getting anything done quickly in the NHS? Hmmmm…

Many, many phone calls and after speaking to the eye specialists, the neurology department, the oncology department, the St Luke’s community nurse, and uncle Tom Cobley and all… we came to the conclusion that it was potentially serious enough to get her seen asap but the only way to do that was to go to A&E… what is now renamed to the Emergency Department.

We arrived there at 7.30pm. They had been pre-notified of our arrival by our community nurse and our doctor so within an hour we were seen by a neurology registrar. Hurrah! Lots of questions and tests and the giving of blood and off he went later to return with his assessment.

Sal was to have a CT scan immediately which she did. The results were encouraging. Her blood clot in the head was unchanged, no evidence of increased cranial pressure so no lumbar puncture yet but no sign either of what else might be causing the eye problems.

So they have admitted her for observations and to see the doctors tomorrow. She is as comfortable as you can be in a hospital ward and I am now at home after our 5 hour ordeal.

Where we go from here we don’t know but we may know some more tomorrow.

Night Night 🙂

6 thoughts on “Sally is back in hospital”

  1. So sorry to hear Sally’s back in hospital again. Hopefully it will be a short stay and the cause of this will be quickly found and sorted. Please give her my love, and my prayers are with you both. Linda

  2. So sorry to see Sally back in Hospital,please give her my love and let her know I am thinking about her .
    Hope they can sort something out and she will be home again soon .

    Love Rita

  3. Thinking about you both. What a nightmare you had, but at least, due to your persistence, Sally got seen and I hope this latest problem will be identified and dealt with.
    I look forward to some better news.
    With love,
    Pat. xxx

  4. Sally and Paul, what can we say? As you know you are constantly in our thoughts and we continue to empathise, sympathise and keep all our fingers crossed that Sal is soon much much better and back home in your new house. Take care and lots of love xx

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