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Just back from the hospital.

Sal was a lot more comfortable this evening. The doctors saw her earlier and they have changed her pain meds. She is also asking for more meds when she is in pain and this looks like it is helping.

So what did the docs say…

She saw the neurologist team this afternoon. The news there is that now they have had last night’s scan more thoroughly reviewed they have determined that there is a new clot in a venous sinuous behind the eye and this is most likely the cause of the eye symptoms and the eye pain. However, the treatment plan isn’t a lot different… daily injections of a blood thinner and hope it reduces. They have increased the dose of the injections and made them twice a day so that may start to help but they did warn us… it may be a very slow recovery… could be a month or two or more.

So, this places a lot more emphasis on pain management but it seems that there are a lot more options to control her pain that we have yet to explore so fingers crossed that they find the pain medication combination that suits her but even that may take a while. They cannot change more than one aspect of her treatment at once or else they won’t determine what has worked and what hasn’t so it is softly, softly, catchy monkey (other primates are available).

Sal is likely to be in for a while until the multi-disipline teams have had a chance to review her but then Sal may transfer to St. Luke’s Hospice to do her pain medication fine tuning. Once they have her pain under control then she will come home… but it is likely not before while her pain is so bad.

Friday Update:
The new pain med is not working for Sal so they have changed to another. Onwards and upwards…

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