Sally is settling in

Just a quick update…

Sal is settling in to life in St Luke’s Hospice well. In here the food is good, the ambience is quiet and there is little to make her symptoms any worse. The nursing staff areĀ superb and very attentive and the doctors have time to listen and to work with the patients.

I think it is a bit too early to say if the changes they are making to her medication is working yet but Sally is certainly more comfortable and with Sally’s specific problems that is a huge help.

So nothing much to report really except that it is clear that if Sally’s symptoms can be improved anywhere then it surely must be here.

2 thoughts on “Sally is settling in”

    1. So pleased to know Sally is in the ‘right’ place. I was certain St
      Luke’s would give her some comfort and I just hope they will sort out her meds and maybe other symptom control too. I’ll keep in touch and hope to visit Sally this week. I will of course ring beforehand, Love to you both. x

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