Up with some, down with others

As it is Monday I thought a quick blog was in order…

Sal’s weekend has been mixed. Sometimes quite good and sometimes absolutely awful. Mind you, this is pretty much how she is at the moment… very much up and down.

She still can’t sit up out of bed for long but we have only really just started on the path to controlling her pain. However, she is now sitting out of bed in a chair and at a table to eat and this is certainly solid progress. She could not do this at all a week ago!

The docs saw her this morning and are increasing some of the meds, reducing some others and we are dropping totally others still. The thing is that some of these medications take time to take effect (days) and others you cannot drop instantly as they have to be tapered off slowly. But this is precisely why Sal has moved to St Luke’s rather than doing this at home.

St Luke’s Hospice continues to be totally marvellous. Don’t forget to donate will you  😀

So, we don’t expect much to happen quickly this week. We hope for some improvement in Sally’s symptoms of course as the meds take effect and I will report back to you in a few days how things are progressing.

Thanks for reading my blog  🙂

2 thoughts on “Up with some, down with others”

  1. Thankyou for the update Paul.
    I will pass this on to all Sally’s friends at Choir practise tomorrow evening .
    We are all sending healing and loving thoughts to Sally.

    From Rita x

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