End of week report

At the end of another week Sal has been making steady progress. Each day she is finding she can sit up for a bit longer and she is needing to spend less time holding a cool bag to her eye.

It seems that her pain is more under control but her degree of pain is  relative because it is still very much there all the time and she never is pain free. But it does look like the docs are starting to make good progress but we are still a long way from Sally being able to consider anything of a life out of bed at the moment… but we remain hopeful that things will get much better as the clots dissolve.

For the past 2 weeks Sally has had a cough and it has got a lot worse over the past few days. Also, her breathlessness has returned with a vengance back to how it was when she had the fluid on her lung. So the docs have scheduled her for a scan tomorrow at Derriford to check it out. It could be more fluid, more pulmonary embolisms, just a virus or something else so it needs checking. I will post when we get the results of course.

It was nice for both Sally and myself this weekend as her sister and husband travelled down from London to visit her.

Sally’s acid reflux is still quite bad and made much worse by this cough and this is keeping her awake at night so sleep is at a premium at the moment.

Well that is it for now. From what I have said it sounds like there is still quite a lot of issues bothering Sally still and there is no getting away from that but we both feel that there is a slow but general improvement in her comfort and that is a good thing in itself. If she could shift this cough things would improve hugely so we are very keen to get the results of the scan tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “End of week report”

  1. As you say Paul, slow progress but at least it is progress, going forwards not backwards. I hope she’ll get some helpful result from the scan, not I least to pin point the cause of the cough and breathlessness…….and deal with it. I’ll keep reading your news to keep up to date. Give my love to Sally. xxx

  2. Thanks for posting Paul. Despite the extra issues you seem to be promoting the “onwards and upwards” feeling which is good news.

  3. Everyone is missing you in the choir. We hear from Bev and Trish how you are, and Paul’s updates are appreciated. I am glad that the hospice is a more comfortable place to be. Love Jennifer

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