Scan Result

As I mentioned yesterday… Sally had a CT scan today on her lungs today. She is having a hard time breathing and has a severe cough.

She had the CT scan but only after the normal trouble she has getting in a cannula. They tried many times as normal and eventually someone got one in but not until several others had tried unsuccessfully. Sally is the original human pincushion  🙂

The result of the scan is quite encouraging though. There was no sign of further PEs (pulmonary embolisms). neither is there sign of further fluid. There are no signs of any new masses (tumours) in the lungs either. This is all good news.

There was some signs of infection and so for now this is what the docs are working on. Sally is back on a course of antibiotics. If it is an infection it might be one picked up in Derriford Hospital as it was when she was in Derriford that her symptoms started.

This is all a bit of a setback to be honest. Sally is in severe distress at times and has had to go back on to oxygen to help her breathing. She also is getting lots of pain from the coughing itself as it triggers off her sciatica and migraines. It never rains but it pours… and we have all had a lot of rain recently haven’t we  🙁

On the plus side again her background headache and migraine is improving.

So this week is going to be focused on getting her breathing better so we can carry on with the main task of improving her pain.

More later in the week  😐

2 thoughts on “Scan Result”

  1. Thanks for the update Paul. It’s hard enough work reading this from 300 miles away I can’t imagine the strength needed to keep up this fight.

  2. Thanks so much for the updates Paul. Some good news this time. Will continue to remember Sally and yourself in my thoughts and prayers.

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