Significant Progress

Sally has made some excellent progress over the past few days.

Firstly her chest infection seems to be improving and she is coughing much less and is slightly less breathless.

Perhaps more fundamentally though is that her head pain seems to be improving. She no longer needs to cool it with a cool bag all the time as she has had to do for the past few weeks and her severe migraine events are getting much more infrequent.

In fact, today, for the first time for weeks, she was strong enough to go for a short walk around the hospice. For the past 2 weeks she has been mostly in bed but now she has ventured out and seen some of the rest of the hospice. This is good news.

Having said this, we mustn’t get carried away. She is still not at all well and she still has the two blood clots in her brain so she won’t be running a marathon any time soon. However it does give us hope that the tide is on the turn.

7 thoughts on “Significant Progress”

  1. That is very good news, just easing the awful pain makes so much difference. We are still in India but thinking of Sally all these miles away. Love to you both. xx

  2. Thrilled to hear that Sally has been able to have a little walk, and things are improving at last. Thank you so much for these updates. You both remain in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Really good to hear this news. Summer is on the way so let’s hope this progress is maintained and you two can b***** off into the boonies and enjoy yourselves!

  4. So glad Sally was able to get out into daylight. Our prayers are with you both. We will keep them coming. Hopefully will get to see Sally on Sunday. God bless xx

  5. So good to see you yesterday Sally. Looking good and sounding really positive. I hope the improvement continues and that the pain continues to subside. Lots of love to you both. xxx

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