Sally’s Breathing is Getting Worse

I am just back from the hospice after being there all day. I feel exhausted.

Until Sal improves she is not well enough to receive visitors

Sally’s breathing over the past few days has been getting worse. It is now so bad that she can barely get out of bed at all and even lying motionless in bed is hard work.  The annoying and frustrating thing is that the docs really have no idea why her breathing is so bad. They have scanned her and there is nothing conclusive except a suggestion that she had a chest infection but she has taken antibiotics for that and the infection itself is gone but her breathing is no better. They have all but ruled out another pleural infusion and there are no pulmonary embolisms or tumours showing up on the scan either. It is a real mystery to everyone. But none of all this is helping Sal and she continues to worsen. Then this afternoon she couldn’t pee and so this evening they put in a catheter… again, very distressing and when Sal gets stressed she can breath even less and needs to calm down. It seems like one thing after another right now with no let-up. So that is where we are right now… Sally is not good. There has been no suggestion that her life is in danger and none of the docs we have spoken to has suggested that and that is supported by the fact that her oxygen levels are well up and well into the safe zone… it is more to do with her feelings of panic when she cannot breath. Sal has an appointment with oncology on Friday morning. We are going to impress the importance and urgency of finding the cause of Sal’s breathing issues. There is a chance it may be more cancer but we would be surprised given the manner of the symptoms. We will find out more Friday I expect and there is a good chance they will readmit her back into Derriford while they investigate. Like any hospital, Derriford is not the best place for someone with Sal’s problems but they will need to have her in to properly investigate. More news Friday I expect. Sal wanted me to thank you for all your emails and message of support. She just doesn’t have the strength to reply right now but will as soon as she can. Also, until she improves she is not well enough to receive visitors. Again, I’ll post here when things improve.

4 thoughts on “Sally’s Breathing is Getting Worse”

  1. Hi Paul
    So sorry to hear that Sally’s breathing has worsened.
    Please tell her that I am thinking about her and really hope that she improves soon.

  2. So sorry Sally is having these breathing difficulties,I do hope they can find out what’s causing this problem.
    Please give her my love .
    All the choir hear how Sally is each Wednesday ,please tell her she is in our thoughts and prayers and our thoughts are with you too Paul .

  3. So sorry to hear Sally’s breathing has worsened, and that admission to Derriford is to happen. Let’s hope and pray they will get to the cause of this, and treat it so Sally will get some major relief. You’re both very much in my thoughts and prayers. Please give her my love. Linda

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