Sal Back in Derriford Hospital

Well, given the past few days of continued breathing issues and her worsening lower back pain she was this afternoon transferred to Derriford.

They have xrayed her chest already and taken blood for tests. Tomorrow she will have a ultrasound on her lungs and her tummy (they are looking for fluid for both), an doppler ultrasound of her leg (looking for a DVT) and an Echo-cardiagram to check out her heart.

I have to say that it is taking it out of her and this even it was all she could do to breath and find a comfortable position let along talk.

I am am doing OK I suppose but now she is in Derriford I cannot visit each day until 2pm. In St Luke’s I was there to help her with breakfast and her morning ablutions, for her lunch and dinner in the evening. Then I would sit with her until she was ready to settle down at 9.30/10pm. I have to leave the Derriford MAU at 8pm. If I were totally honest I am struggling just handing her care over like that. I really don’t know how she will cope to be honest. I will do all I can but she has to be in Derriford. These tests are critical and so I will just try to cope… I hope Sal manages to do the same.

This whole thing with her breathing is a massive worry. I have to keep saying to myself that she in in a hospital full of professionals. trust them. The trouble is that I can look after Sal so much better than the HCAs and nurses because they are so overworked. It is only when you go from St Luke’s Hospice to the MAU Derriford that how good St Luke’s actually is comes into sharp focus. (Have I asked you to donate to St Luke’s Hospice before..?  If I have I apologise – I don’t want to pester… … if I haven’t – please donate!).

So, watch this space for more info. I will post in the evenings when I get home if there is anything more to report.


One thought on “Sal Back in Derriford Hospital”

  1. Oh dear. Things are not good are they?…. I feel for you both and especially for you Paul. Of course you want so much to care for and be with Sally throughout the day but, at Derriford, sadly, visiting hours are so limited. You know too, how much Sally needs you and how much she relies on you.
    It would be wonderful if all these tests gave answers and maybe solutions to Sally’s current awful symptoms. I hope she can improve enough for a possible return to St Luke’s. Keep in touch Paul, give Sally my love and keep strong for her. xx

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