250 miles in Ampera

Last weekend we drove the Ampera from Saltash to Highbridge to our caravan. It is 100 miles. We left home at 100% charge and managed 42 miles on battery before having to switch to petrol. The temperature was about 16C.

On this trip the Ampera returned a sensible 83.5 mpg.

We tried to charge overnight at the caravan but I think the voltage dropped at some point and the charging stopped at 16 miles. This has happened a few times with the Ampera but not with the Nissan Leaf.

We didn’t have a chance to finish the charge so we returned home after doing a couple of local trips. Arriving back home we had done 250 miles and the Ampera had returned a 59 mpg overall.

Considering that most of the trip was at normal motorway speeds I think that this is pretty good.

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