3 Year Service and 1st MOT

We had the 3 year service and 1st MOT on our Nissan Leaf today.

All is fine.

We had it done at JFE Nissan, Exeter and the service and MOT cost £170 all inclusive and that included a year of RAC cover.

I asked if the RAC cover would include recovery in the event of running out of electricity or if the cargers failed and they confirmed that it did. Just a point… this is an RAC cover provided by the dealer and not to be confused with that provided by Nissan as part of the warranty.

the Nissan Leaf comes with a 5 year electric drivetrain and battery warranty in the UK (8 years in the USA) so we are not over half way through the warranty. Still, there is no reason to think that we will need the warranty as all is going well so far… but fingers crossed.

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