350 mile Trip to Preston in Nissan Leaf

The weekend of 28-30th September 2013 I am going to be driving my Nissan Leaf from my home in Saltash, Cornwall to Preston, Lancashire… some 350 miles. I know that I have said previously that long trips are not so easy right now with a 100% electric car but they are most certainly possible but they require planning.

This trip is actually quite straight forward and hasn’t required too much planning. I wouldn’t normally drive that far in a single day regardless of what car I am driving but I have decided to do the trip in the Nissan Leaf, rather than the Vauxhall Ampera, in part to show that long trips are certainly possible. It will also be a lot cheaper!

My route is:

Start to End Distance Speed Time enroute Charge Time
Saltash Exeter Nissan 46 55 50 60
Exeter Nissan Sedgemoor 57 55 62 60
Sedgemoor Michaelwood 55 55 60 60
Michaelwood Hopwood Park 65 55 71 60
Hopwood Park Keele N 59 55 64 60
Keele N Charnock Richard 60 55 65 10
Charnock Richard PR6 8 40 12
350 370 385 310
385 310
6.4 5.2

Just to clarify (the table isn’t particularly clear):

Total distance each way): 350 miles
Time driving: 6.4hrs
Time charging: 5.2hrs

Cost: £2.50!!!

That will be a total of 5 rapid charges during the trip each way and I will be blogging at each point and hopefully recording an audio boo too just to keep everyone up to date with how I am getting on.

I am not the only one doing trips of this length in electric cars in the UK. Only last week @greencrispy did a 500 round trip in his Leaf and the guys from Aberdeen @pluginadventure drove their Leaf from Aberdeen, to London, to Wales and back all in just a few days.There are others that drive daily over 80 miles on their commute (@mwt2008) and others still that regularly drive from Bristol to Norwich and back (@aminorjourney) so to us this is nothing special but we need to keep getting the message over that EVs are not just town cars and so trips such as this highlight this point rather well.

My trip is a genuine trip. If I wasn’t using the Leaf I would have to either use the Ampera or perhaps the train so it shows a real-world example of using an EV for a reasonably long trip for the UK.

Follow me on this blog or on twitter @paul_churchley and see how I get on next weekend!

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