A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera – Day 10

Today I did a bit of holiday shopping in Bristol. Bristol is about 55 miles each way so I thought I might get away with only using a very little petrol for the entire trip if I could charge whilst shopping and in Bristol there are several options. I chose to park in the Cabot Circus shopping centre which offers free electric car charging. Parking is charged as per normal.

I thought that as it was 55 miles to Bristol and as there was a Ecotricity charging station at Sedgemoor M5 services, that I might stop there for a breakfast coffee and get half hour or so of 16A charging. That would then guarantee that I wouldn’t need to use any petrol on the way there. Unfortunately the Ecotricity charge station was broken so I pushed on to Bristol expecting to have to use 5-10 miles or so of petrol at the end of the trip but to my surprise the Ampera did the whole 55 miles on a single charge without using any petrol at all!

I plugged into the 13A socket at Cabot Circus and went shopping. I was gone for about 4 hours and on my return I was about 3/4 charged. Clearly I would not get back on that but again the Ampera performed very well and in the end I only used 0.3 gallon for the entire 107 miles trip… that is 281 mpg… that is right… 281 mpg.

We should not forget that I also used 18 kWh of electricity but even if I were paying for that at normal household electricity prices that would only equate to an additional £2.88. So at £1.30 p/l that 107 mile trip cost me about £2.24 for petrol and £2.88 for electricity. A total of just £5.12…

I am very impressed with the performance of the Ampera for trips like this.

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