A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera – Day 2

Being on holiday I decided that I would treat myself by having a Latte at Costa Coffee in the mornings. The nearest coffee shop to the caravan site is in Wellington, some 7 miles each way. If I had a normal petrol car I probably wouldn’t consider it worth 15 miles of petrol just to get a coffee and to use their wifi but with an Ampera the cost of the electricity is so low that things like this become perfectly viable.

When I returned from the coffee trip the car went on charge and it was full again by the time we were ready to go out late morning.

Then it was off to watch a day of cricket at Taunton… another 15 miles.

On our return we plugged in again. Finally it was off to the indian restaurant to get a takeaway… another 7 miles.

Another holiday day of 37 miles without using any petrol 🙂

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