A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera – Day 4

Well, today has been yet another example of how the Ampera helps you reduce your petrol use when on holiday.

We decided to visit a local museum today, the Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton, near Yeovil. It is about 30 miles each way so we tried to see how far we would get on a single charge on this trip as it is fairly flat and the weather was quite warm. We managed 49.6 miles so we had to do 10 miles on petrol.

So the 60 mile trip used 10.6 kWh of electricity and just 0.3 gal of petrol giving us an overall for the day of 206mpg.

What would have been good is if there has been somewhere to charge while we were in the museum and then we would not have needed to use any petrol at all. Destination charging, such as at tourist locations where you are parked for hours at a time, is great for range extension such as this. Let’s hope that more tourist locations catch on and install charging. We will be mentioning it to the museum by email.

The next 4 days are likely to be quite similar. We have a 4 day cricket match so I would expect the 15 mile coffee trip in the morning, another 15 mile round trip to the ground and perhaps a short journey in the evening. All in all I cannot imaging we will need any petrol now until at least next Monday… we will see 🙂

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