A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera – Days 6 – 9

With 4 consecutive days of cricket the days have been almost identical as far as the car is concerned… 15 – 20 miles a day to and from the cricket ground with a couple of morning coffees and one shopping trip.

Again, we have done about 100 miles without using a drop of petrol!

OK, you might not watch cricket but this pattern of holiday use could easily equate to trips to the beach or to local towns for sightseeing. It shows me that the Ampera really does reduce your holiday petrol use to almost nothing.

Tomorrow will be interesting… we are going shopping in Bristol. Fortunately there is free charging at Cabot Circus shopping centre so we will park there and that will allow us to fully charge (or nearly fully depending on how long we stay) while we shop. All we will pay is normal parking charges which we would need to pay in whatever car we had.

It is only 57 miles away so that should mean that we use petrol for only about 20 miles for the whole trip… we will see 🙂

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