A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera – Summary

As our nearly 2 week cricket holiday draws to a close I reflect back on how our first holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera has gone and I smile. As far as what we can do with the car it is exactly the same as any normal petrol or diesel car we have owned… we use it just as we want to use it without giving range, or anything else for that matter a second thought. Except that there is a difference… a huge difference…

On our holiday we drove 609 miles since leaving home nearly 2 weeks ago. In any normal car that would take roughly 10-12 gallons (45 – 54 litres) of petrol or diesel. I know that some cars can be even better than that but usually only on a run and not overall.

Once we had arrived we have hardly ever needed to drive the car on petrol at all. All the little trips to the shops, or to sightseeing locations were on battery alone. This is even more important than it might seem because it is those short trips that return the very worst fuel consumption in a petrol or diesel car and so it is these trips that the Ampera has the most benefit… exactly the kind of trips that are often most commonly done when on a holiday like this.

So what are the final figures?

We  used 2.4 gallons or 10.8 litres!

That is an average petrol consumption figure of 253 mpg

Now before you all shout at me “yes but what about the electricity” let me say this… yes, we also used electricity. But don’t get confused as to what I am saying here. I am not suggesting that the car did 253 mpg and didn’t need electricity to do it. I am saying that over the holiday we drove 609 miles and only used 2.4 gallons of petrol compared to the 12 gallons we would have used with a normal petrol car… and that is what for me the Ampera is all about… reducing our fossil fuel use and our dependence on oil imports and oil prices.

Having said that it is worth mentioning that even taking the electricity into account, the figures are still impressive with an average lifetime of just 101 mpg.and having driven a total of 3378 miles, which would have needed about 68 gallons of petrol, I have used just 33 gallons. That also includes a 1000 mile trip to the Lake District from Cornwall where I used mostly petrol on the trip. As I use the car more and more for my every day local driving, with the occasional longer trip, so that lifetime mpg will just get better and better.

So as a holiday car I can declare the Vauxhall Ampera a huge success and I highly recommend it.

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