A Holiday with the Vauxhall Ampera

We have had the Ampera for over 2 months now and all is going every bit as well as expected or even better than that. Our lifetime petrol use is going up steadily and now sits at 92mpg but this is being slowed by the occasional use where we must use petrol to get to where we want to go. This then is exactly what the Ampera is perfect at – acting as a full electric car for most of my daily use but also acting like a petrol car (albeit one with great economy) when I need to go further.

We have a caravan in Somerset and so as part of our support for Somerset County Cricket Club we are staying in the caravan for a 2 week holiday, partly to watch some cricket without travelling back and forth to Taunton for each match, but also as a summer (aaahm!) holiday, doing a bit of touristy stuff and generally relaxing. What a better way to document the benefits of the Vauxhall Ampera, or indeed, any EV, than to show how we are using ours.

So, our holiday started just a few days ago and so I thought I would bring the blog up to date on what we have done so far with the Ampera and then report each day on how we are using it and what benefits/disadvantages it is giving us.

Now, the tempting thing here is to just blog all about the holiday but this is an Ampera blog and so I will try to restrict my blogging enthusiasm to just those aspects of the holiday that related to the Ampera but… if you think there is too much holiday stuff there that you really don’t want to hear about just say so and I will try to make it even more Ampera-centric 🙂

So, the holiday begins…

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