A Response from OLEV on Charging in the UK

Back at the start of January 2012 I sent a letter to my MP (Sheryll Murray MP) asking her to take up the issue of the waste of public money that is currently being spent on slow charging infrastructure in the UK by the government. I wasn’t expecting too much from my enquiry. I have found OLEV and the Plugged in Places organisations to be openly interested in hearing the views and opinions of existing EV owners but seem to just plough on with their own agenda regardless.

However, I have received this reply today. It has taken 3 months but I think, in fact I hope, that you feel as I do – OLEV has finally got the message!

Finally, it seems that it is now official…

“Plugged in Places (PIP) trials in the UK are now (as of 1 January 2012) not installing any 3-pin-only chargepoints in public places”

This is excellent news for us all. There will be some chargepoints with a mix of 3-pin and Type II (Menekkes) but they are being phased out.

And there is more good news…

“From 1 April 2012 these projects will be installing nothing but Type II and rapid charging infrastructure in public places”

OLEV has taken a lot of flack from almost all existing EV owners for many months now and in fact, I have been one of the most vocal. For me though, this letter, if it is implemented (I have no reason to expect that it won’t be), will mean that it could be the end of the 3-pin charge point on public chargepoints. It could also mean that rapid or fast chargers will be the norm from now on in PIP areas.

There is also a clear indication that OLEV now accept that pay-as-you-go is the way forward and so again, I see this as a hugely positive statement.

I think that this is all a huge step in the right direction from OLEV and bodes well for the long-term future of electric car charging.

I am not suggesting that we all just accept what OLEV say at face value, we do need to see all this implemented first, but I would like to see a more positive attitude towards OLEV and the PIP projects from us EV owners. I strongly believe that OLEV need our support and with these announcements I have more confidence that OLEV deserves more of our support.

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