Ampera back to dealer for recall and key fob

I have to own up… I lost one of the key fobs for our Ampera 🙁

Oh well… order a new one. Well, I won’t lose another one! About £250!!! That is about £166 for the key fob itself and £75 labour… that is right… £75!

I queried this with the service representative at the dealer. Her reasons were not at all convincing… she said:

– they have to plug in a computer!
– they have to connect to GM in the USA
– they then have to send all the car data to GM over the Internet
– they then have to get all the car data back
– connecting to the USA is very slow!

OK, now even if I were not a computer consultant I would attribute about 5 mins for each step so I can’t see any of that taking more than about 20 mins at tops and if it does then perhaps they should give me a call and I will take a look at their computer systems to find out what is going wrong!

Anyway, that aside, I now have a new key fob… which she promptly dropped on the floor while showing me. Great.

Whilst the car was at the dealer they also did the necessary work for a recall. I asked what it was and she said it was to reseal the windshield wiper plenum… whatever that is. So that is now done.

I have had to return the Ampera to the dealer for various things several times now and you would think that being an electric car they might consider it good customer service to plug it in while it is there. I can imagine that there are times when they cannot plug in because of the work they are doing but it seems to me that they don’t ever plug in customer Amperas. In itself it is not a big deal but it does highlight the general lack of customer service that exists when it comes to the Ampera.

BTW the drive to Exeter today was about 45 miles each way. The car was fully charged on leaving home and the dealer didn’t charge it while there. The A38 is mostly dualled all the way so I was doing motorway speeds and the car still returned over 65mpg. There aren’t many cars of this size that will do that!

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