Amsterdam – Showing of Revenge of the Electric Car

We left the hotel at about 6pm for the 3 mile drive to the 1928 Olympic stadium. We arrived with very few Nissan Leafs around and realised that we were quite a bit early. However, very soon first one, then another, then another and so it went on for the best part of an hour and a half! Eventually there were over 80 Nissan Leafs lined up in the stadium in front of a big inflatable screen and waiting for it to get dark.

Eventually it was dark and the film started. I didn’t see its predecessor but this film is excellent. It covered a lot of the history of Tesla, GM EV1, Nissan Leaf and others and brought us up to date with the current state of electric cars. I thouroughly enjoyed it and can’t recommend it enough.

After there was an opportunity to chin-wag with other owners. Great.

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